For your safety in the aluminum and metallurgy industry


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For your safety

The complexity of your needs makes our notoriety since 1982


For your safety against electric arcs

Customized PPE handmade in Canada


Designs, manufactures and distributes


Guided by a culture of safety, we create, manufacture and distribute personal protective equipment customized to the taste of our customers. Our expertise extends mainly in the sectors of electric arcs, molten metals and chemicals, but we can develop an infinite number of solutions to the constraints of our current and future customers.

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Recent news

19 August 2016

Équipements Saguenay become NORISKE !

Operating primarily in North America since its creation, Équipements Saguenay now wants to enter the international market. In order to reach that goal, the management team has developed a new business entity that will alleviate language barriers, in addition to adopting a much more modern image and putting forward the core of the company’s activities: the security.

19 August 2016

NORISKE added another string to his bow

Since 2015, NORISKE is proud to offer to its customers personal protection equipment, which are chemicals resistant. It is the result of a development process in partnership with a client that had a complex problem and could not find the perfect solution.

19 August 2016

The importance of HIS-VIS

A worker must wear high visibility equipment (Hi-Vis) when working in conditions of low or poor visibility, especially near moving vehicles (car, truck, forklift). The Hi-Vis allows to be seen by drivers of these vehicles sooner and faster.

Make career with us !

At NORISKE, we maintain a close relationship with our employees since they are the heart of the business. We know how to make profits of the strengths of each team member in order to achieve unprecedented synergy.


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