At NORISKE, we maintain a close relationship with our employees since they are the heart of the business. We know how to make profits of the strengths of each team member in order to achieve unprecedented synergy.

We are constantly looking for a skilled workforce that will be able to support our planned growth rate and to participate in innovative solutions for PPE, from design to distribution. Why work with us? Here are five good reasons:

  • Values lived by every day

    The entire team shares our fundamental values ​​such as respect, quality, fairness and team spirit.

  • Cordial atmosphere

    We pay particular attention to our work environment. We want all the team to work in a dynamic environment that can be feel internally and externally.

  • Attractive benefits

    All our employees have the opportunity to benefit from a group insurance, a pension fund, an access to annual profits and to production bonuses.

  • Daily challenges

    NORISKE has customers in several sectors, which promotes multidisciplinary expertise which is constantly changing. Weekly challenges are fixed and those that reach it are financially rewarded.

  • Training and working tools on the cutting edge

    We create conditions for the on-going development of our high-level expertise. You do not know how to sew? Our vision of knowledge transfer will allow eager team members to learn, to acquire and to develop the savoir faire to reach NORISKE’s high quality standards.

Be part of the team!

Contact Kathy St-Pierre, Human Resources and Operations Director: 418-545-8263 ext 29