Molten metal

All workers of sectors in which metals pass from liquid to solid state are exposed to the dangers of splashing and radiant heat. Since its establishment, NORISKE is specialized in high quality PPE to ensure optimal protection against molten metals. Over the years, the product line has greatly improved and diversified to provide highly durable products tailored to the sector.

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Appropriate PPE

The protection required will vary greatly according to the melting point of the metal type, making choosing the right PPE essential. The fire retardant clothing provides thermal protection in the exhibition area (ISO 11612: 2008) and in case of molten metal splash incident (ISO 11611: 2007). Fireproof clothes do not ignite, limiting the percentage of body-burns. The level of protection depends on fabric weight and composition. The superposition of certain clothing can sometimes be essential to obtain ultimate protection and less difficult working conditions. Worker comfort is a really important issue and is considered in the development of all NORISKE equipments.


When metal is heated and returned to the liquid state, it is subjected to a temperature between 520 and 3700 degrees Fahrenheit, representing extreme working conditions. A drop of molten metal adhere to exposed skin or a to a non-flame retardant coat can instantly ignite the surface, causing severe burns.


520 °F et 3 700 °F is the temperature at which metals turn to liquid state

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